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Meet the Artist: Sherryl Hopper

After residing in Richmond Hill and Woodbridge, Hopper moved to Barrie just a few short years ago. Upon her arrival, she quickly joined the Barrie Art Club. Through watercolours, acrylics, and silk paintings, Sherryl Hopper takes you through contrasting forms and images, reminding you of the many wonders our world has to offer.


In its very nature, watercolour is an art form of contrast; it takes discipline to hone a technique that in its execution is undisciplined. Through her watercolours, Hopper plays with the friction between light and dark, creating images that are stark, yet human and inviting.


The construction of Hopper’s abstract acrylic compositions has been described as “going on a journey with no map and no destination.” But, at the end of this journey, you arrive at the place nature keeps its art box, revealing the most vibrant, memorable scenes.

You can find Sherryl Hopper’s original paintings and prints at Carriage House Picture Framing Shop. To view more of her artwork, you can also check out her website, Art on Bayview.

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